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GiDiNet - Banner exchange

How GiDiNet banner excange service works

Our banner exchange service allows you to advertise your website for free, with our service you will have a lot of useful tools to get good results in a short time.

Service specifications

  • 1000 free credits on sign up.
  • Create your own web site group and obtain credits fast
    Our system allows you to add one or more websites on your account and share their credits.
    With this feature you can get the maximum profit from your websites and credits:
    - All credits that each website earn are shared through all websites on your account.
    - You can choose how to share your credits through your websites to get the best result.
    - For example you can use all credits generated by a website to promote another website of the account.
    - If your site has more sub-sites you can also register each sub-site, add more banners and promote each site in the best way.
    - With the private banner network you can create a cross promotion system on your account websites.
  • High exchange ratio
    • Banner 468x60
      - Impression ratio: 1:1 = 1 impression-credit for each impression generated by your website.
      - Click ratio: 5:1 = 1 click-credit for each 5 clicks generated by your website.
      Note: you can show only one 468x60 banner on each page.
    • Buttons 120x60
      - Impression ratio: 3:2 = 2 impression-credit for 3 impressions generated by your website.
      - Click ratio: 10:1 = 1 click-credit for each 10 clicks generated by your website.
      Note: you can show only one 120x60 banner on each page.
  • Private banner network
    Create your own virtual banner exchange circuit to trade your banners only between your own websites, without the need of credits.
  • Web groups
    Create one or more virtual banner exchange circuits where you and other webmasters can show their banners, without the need of credits.
  • A customizable system
    • For each of your websites you can choose what kind of banners you would like to show on.
    • You can choose how to share your credits through your websites.
    • You can load more banners for each website and choose if enable or disable each banner, you can also choose the weight of each banner and therefore how to share your credits through your banners.
    • Each banner can be linked to your website's home page or to different page of the website.
  • Detailed statistics
    In the members' area you can look the detailed stats for your websites and banners.
  • Trouble Ticket Support, 7 days a week - ( 10.00 AM -12.00 PM; 04.00 PM -06.00 PM)
  • Online help
    Our control panel have a online help, help topics will be updated based on our members' requests to allow you to take full advantage of our banner exchange service.

How to add your website in our banner exchange service

You can sign up for free ( Click here to sign up ).
After sign up you can add your websites and their banners into our banner exchange system, you will get the HTML code to be published on your sites and start to earn credits.

Your banner impressions depend on your credits and are based on the impressions that our banners obtain on your website.
You can register more than one website for each account, and all websites on each account will share the account's credits.

If you have any question feel free to contact us from this page.